Which Breville Espresso Machine is Best for You?

Duo Temp Pro: https://geni.us/RFom5p
Infuser: https://geni.us/mb1L
Barista Express: https://geni.us/1HoQc
Bambino Plus: https://geni.us/rzLTKQS
Barista Pro: https://geni.us/VG0XE
Dual Boiler: https://geni.us/0yQB12
The Oracle: https://geni.us/gcjCo5
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Which Breville espresso machine is best for your individual needs and price point? The time has finally come where we have all of the Breville espresso machines in studio at once, meaning that we can directly compare and contrast them to help you decide which espresso machine you should buy, if you’re in the market. Breville offers some great entry level espresso machines, but it can often be tough to decide which one to buy. Until today!

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Filming Setup
Camera: https://geni.us/Hufs
Microphone: https://geni.us/Vvr3Dyp
Key light: https://geni.us/TBDpR4
Softbox: https://geni.us/4hZgboX
Backlights: https://geni.us/spg5S
Slider: https://geni.us/Fp5KU5
Tripod: https://geni.us/fDiXW
Fluid Head: https://geni.us/kFst

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0:00 – Intro
0:42 – Duo Temp Pro
1:59 – Infuser
3:11 – Barista Express
4:04 – Bambino Plus
5:22 – Barista Pro
6:37 – Dual Boiler
8:04 – The Oracle
9:13 – Touch Screens?

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