Travel Mugs That Fit Under Keurig Mini Coffee Makers – One of the more common questions I field over at has to do with questions pertaining to the size of Keurig Mini coffee machines compared to the size of various types of travel mugs. In this video I explain the dimensions of the most popular Keurig Mini machines (the B31 and the newer model K10). Most travel mugs are much too tall for the Keurig Mini even when you remove the drip tray but there are some specialty travel mugs (super small mugs) that do fit.

In the video I talk about the KeepCup mugs that do fit the Keurig Mini but the blog post linked above I have listed two additional mugs that also fit in the tight space.

You can also see the KeepCup mugs that fit under the Keurig Mini Coffee makers right here:

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