The New Coffee Roaster

This is the first of five videoes telling the story of CleverCoffee’s new coffee roaster. In this video, in Head of Coffee Lindy Brogaard explains the main reasons behind the choice of purchasing a new coffee roaster.

In the past two and a half years, we’ve some of the world’s most interesting specialty coffees on a Giesen W15A. This is a fine roaster and we’ve been happy with the results. However, it’s a coffee roasting machine that is highly depended on all things in the roastery being equal in order to achieve a consistent result batch after batch.

The Giesen requires an experienced roast master to achive the best results and being depended on one person in our production is far from ideal in a small business like ours. Hence, the automations of the Loring are creating a much needed flexibility in our production.

Lastly, the Loring uses only 20% of the energy that the Giesen did. This means that we on the Loring are able roast five times the amount of coffee with the same energy consumption.

Please, enjoy – and let us know what you think in the comments below.


Lindy and Lars
CleverCoffee – Nordic Micro Roastery

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