Roasting Monsooned Malabar Coffee

Roasting Monsooned Malabar Coffee has been a lot of fun and challenging at the same time. Grown in Southern India at 1200 meters, this low density coffee us very unique. The process has changed to color from a dark green to a pale looking coffee. The beans are swollen and very lightweight. You are faced with all kinds of hurdles when roasting including roasting defects, color problems and heat management. Watch this video to learn about my approach when roasting monsooned malabar coffee.

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Video Timeline
0:00 Roasting Monsooned Malabar Coffee
0:49 Why would I want to roast a moonsooned malabar coffee?
2:44 Characteristics of a monsooned process coffee
4:30 Challenges roasting monsooned malabar coffee
4:55 You can’t rely on color to call dry end and when to drop
6:17 Monsooned process causes extremely low bean density
7:10 how to roast a monsooned malabar coffee
7:35 Choose a lower charge temperature
8:05 High risk for roasting defects
8:33 Hi risk for an uneven roast
9:00 Quiet crack and exothermic reaction – watch heat management
9:50 What happened when I roasted this Monsooned Malabar Coffee
14:15 – This is a squirly coffee!
16:50 The color of the coffee is very deceiving
17:15 How does Monsooned Malabar coffee taste?

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