Roasting & Brewing Colombian Gesha

Roasting & Brewing Colombian Gesha – Deciding A Charge Temperature!

This week we’re roasting a Colombian Gesha coffee. We only have 1 Lb to roast and we have to decide a charge temperature to use to get this right. Our friends at Sabbath Coffee Roasters gave us 1 pound of Colombian anaerobic, natural process green coffee and we with so many variables of this beans including variety, bean size, altitude grown, density, processing type and our roasting profile.

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0:00 1 lb of this beautiful coffee to get it right
0:42 What is a Gesha?
3:00 What is Natural Processing
3:53 What is Anaerobic Processing?
4:52 Discussing Charge Temperature Factors
6:15 Roast Profile Targets
10:24 Roasting Highlights
12:17 Analyzing the Roast
14:33 Brewing details
15:49 Tasting the Coffee

Items I Use to Brew Coffee:
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Clever Dripper –
Bonavita 1 Liter Kettle –
Bonavita 1.7 Liter Kettle –
Baratza Encore Burr Grinder
Bodum Burr Grinder –
Coffee Scale With Timer –
Better Scale (OXO Brand) –

I roasted this coffee on my Mill City 500 Gram commercial coffee roaster using the following settings:
Charge Temp – 371
Dry Phase 44%
Milliard/Browning Phase 37%
Development Phase 19%

This Colombian Gesha was a fruit bomb. It has a smooth, focused and upfront strawberry and dark cherry fruit with some cinnamon, carmel and gently lime acidity when roasted at a medium roast. The flavors sit on your tongue for what seems like an eternity – extremely long finish.
We talk about charge temperatures, roasting times & percentages within each of the 3 phases.

Do you roast coffee at home? Have you tried roasting Amazon’s Choice for green coffee? What was your experience? Is there a good coffee you would recommend to roast? Please share your comments and be sure to like this video!

About Me:
I am a coffee enthusiast who roasts coffee from home on my sample size commercial drum coffee roaster. Coffee has been in my life for over 40 years, whether I was selling it or roasting it, I want to share my passion with you.

Supplies I use for my roasting setup
Mill City 500 Gram Coffee Roaster

Venting, Wire Cart, Organizing Bins
Selkirk 3” X 6” (B-Vent) Pellet –

Selkirk 3” X 12” (B-Vent) Pellet –
Selkirk 3” X 24” (B-Vent) Pellet –
Selkirk 3” X 36” (B-Vent) Pellet –
Selkirk 3” Elbow Vent Pipe (B-Vent) Pellet –
Selkirk 3” 90 Degree elbow (B-Vent) Pellet –
Selkirk 3” 45 Degree Elbow (B-Vent) Pellet –
Selkirk 3” X 12” Adjustable (B-Vent) Pellet –
Selkirk Horizontal Termination (B-Vent)Pellet –

Supplies to Build Your Coffee Cart & Organize
24x48x63 wire rack (wheels not included) –
Wheels (set of 4) –
Hefty 15 Quart Storage Bins –

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