not another Dalgona Recipe, pourover/specialty coffee instead

COMIC SANS and bean juice are up there in my all time favourite things. So come for the comic sans and stay for the coffee.

This isn’t our usual VLOG in the sense that this is more of a mini-lesson in coffee. Other than fixing people, I love feeding people food and coffee so this is a chance to express that other love.

Featuring a cameo hoodie from my all-time favourite cafe and coffee family LION Coffee, and my all-time favourite local roaster in Hatch. Oh also my all-time favourite person makes a cameo, because most of you are only here for that .

This short video covers a small brief intro to “specialty” coffee and a quick “how-to” brew. Enjoy and don’t forget to like and subscribeee!

This video is not sponsored, and no pieces were gifted in exchange for this post.



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