Nescafe E Smart Coffee Maker, make awesome coffee every time

If you love coffee then you will surely love the Nescafe E Smart Coffee Maker (#wakeupyourgenius). Do note that this device makes single coffee every time, but awesome one and it hardly takes about a minute or so.

You can buy Nescafe E Smart Coffee Maker from Amazon for Rs. 6,499 –

NESCAFÉ É is the next generation coffee device for life on the go with bluetooth connectivity to revolutionise your coffee experience.

Easily controlled through an app, it perfectly prepares your favourite coffee every time.

With its thermal insulation, É lets you enjoy a wide range of consistently high quality hot and cold coffees designed to your personal taste.

Active remotely via NESCAFÉ É connected mug app via Bluetooth

From hot to cold, black to white, chose a creative recipe or invent your own.

É creates your favourite coffee quickly (60-90s) and silently.

Now get your preferred coffee any time, every time and always perfect.

With É’s double-walled stainless steel thermal insulation and leak-proof lid, enjoy your coffee on the go.

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