Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Coffee Maker Review

Hi Guys, today I’m reviewing the Mr. Coffee 4 cup coffee maker. LINK to Mr. Coffee 4-cup coffee maker: It measures 9.5inches tall 6 inches wide and 8 inches deep. It won’t take up room on your countertop even in the tiniest kitchens. The glass decanter is adorable, have you ever seen a smaller decanter?
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When I opened the box I didn’t think 4 cups of coffee would fit in here but it does. The housing is plastic. The unit has one button for turning the machine on and off. That’s it, no programming, no clock, nothing else and you really don’t need anything else if you just want a basic coffee maker. The unit comes with a removable filter basket. You can use paper filters or buy a permanent filter separately. There is a water window on both sides of the unit and you can fill water in the reservoir from either side. There is a max fill line for 4 cups. The warming plate is non-stick. There is cord storage in the back of the unit.

Before making your first cup of coffee, clean the unit. Run just plain water through the coffee maker once or twice. I ran ¼ cup vinegar and 3 cups water through it once and just water through it twice. It’s my usual coffee cleaning method.

I’ll brew 4 cups of coffee which is the maximum. Make sure the filter basket is pushed in with the square tab in the middle. I’m using a basket style paper filter and 4 tbsps of ground coffee. This club size coffee can is almost bigger than the coffee maker!! Close the lid until you hear a snap. Fill the unit with water to the max fill line. It’s not difficult to fill with the small decanter. The lid is a bit flimsy and you might have to push it back into place if it comes off.

Place the decanter on the warming plate. Make sure it’s lined up correctly in the center so the coffee flows directly into the decanter and not everywhere else. Push the switch and a green light will come on which means the coffee maker is on and brewing will start. There is a pause and serve feature where you can pull the decanter out while brewing. You just have to put the decanter back within 30 seconds. It took 5 minutes to brew the 4 cups of coffee. The plate will keep the coffee warm. Remember that you have to manually turn the unit off by pressing the switch. There is no auto shut off. I can already tell from the color of the coffee that it looks like the perfect strength. Add some sugar and half and half. Taste it. The coffee is not weak, not bitter. It’s a surprisingly good and smooth cup of coffee. I’m not just surprised but shocked that this little unit makes really good coffee because the 12-cup Mr. Coffee I reviewed a few weeks ago made weak coffee.

The filter basket, decanter and lid are top rack dishwasher safe but I would just wash it with warm soapy water. This 4 cup coffee maker is about $20. It’s compact, makes a really good, hot cup of coffee and is inexpensive. It’s perfect for one or two people.

The link to the Mr. Coffee 4-cup is in the description above. I hope you found this review useful. Please subscribe for more reviews and thanks for watching!

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