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In this video…we’re at the cupping table to validate ideas and experiments, test out theories and see if we made any good progression.

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0:00 – intro
2:47 – burner grind
3:56 – how I make blends
4:40 – issues with the Colombian decaf offer
6:19 – the point of cupping at home
7:35 – cupping the new decaf offering?
12:20 – cupping Nicaragua Limoncello Dry anaerobic sample
14:26 – cupping educator to blend
14:51 – Cupping coffees at different rest times
17:07 – Cupping Brazil to blend
18:48 – blending
19:57 – results from experimenting with shorter soak times
21:48 – what do you do with “practice coffee”/
24:20 – *what I learned with my experimental roasts* the bottom line

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