How To Use the Dripster Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Dripster is a compact coffee maker, which stands out among other selections. It is functional and has a modern design and classic appeal. Shop Dripster Cold Brew Coffee Maker

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Enjoy the riches of slow-drip cold brew with the innovative Dripster Cold Brew Coffee Maker. With a compact design, fully-adjustable dripper valve, and a permanent stainless steel filter, it’s the perfect device for coffee lovers who want to make this exclusive style of cold brew from the comfort of their own home.

This ‘slow-drip’ method takes far less time than the more common ‘immersion’ method—only about 2-3 hours total—but still produces a rich and vibrant cold brew coffee concentrate. Thanks to the adjustable dripper valve, you have complete control over the dripping rate of your water, which means you can customize your technique at any time.

Basic Dripster Cold Brew Instructions:

Fill 45g of Fresh Coffee into the Grounds Holder with freshly ground medium-coarse coffee
Attach the water tank and fill 600ml with cold water
Set the dripper value to one drop/second
Wait 2-3 hours for the water to drain entirely
Most brewers of this style are the large, expensive towers you’ll find in hip cafes, and therefore aren’t really well-suited for home use. This brewer, however, has a slim body and compact design that makes it perfect for home use. And with the 600ml capacity, it’s still large enough to make several servings of iced coffee at a time.

The stainless steel mesh filter gives you a full body and rich flavour without producing a single gram of paper waste. It’s easy to clean and can last a lifetime. The water tank is made with a durable food-grade plastic and the carafe made from borosilicate Pyrex glass.

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