How to Trick Out a Gaggia Classic Classic Pro Espresso

Learn how to upgrade the Gaggia Classic or Classic Pro for better espresso. Covers group upgrades to the shower screen, gasket and holding plate (older Gaggia Classic models), bottomless portafilter, Baristapro precision filter baskets ans commercial style manual steam wand for models prior to the Classic Pro.

Support Wiki links for How To videos, troubleshooting, diagrams, manuals maintenance info and more:
Gaggia Classic:
Gaggia Classic Pro:

How to Install a Manual Steam Wand on the Gaggia Classic:

Gaggia Classic Pro Espresso Machine:

Gaggia Classic Bottomless Portafilter:
Baristapro Precision Filter Baskets:
Caffewerks Silicone Group Gasket Orange 8mm height:

Caffewerks Silicone Group Gasket Yellow 8.5mm height:
IMS Nanotech Shower Screen:
Stainless Steel Shower Screen Holding Plate:
Classic Manual Steam Wand:
Urnex Cafiza:

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