How to Roast the Coffee Beans? Commercial Coffee Roaster/Roasting Machine

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The commercial coffee roasting machine is the practical coffee beans processing equipment, which can bake all kinds of coffee beans. This machine consists of roaster and cyclone husk collector. The cyclone system (dust and husk collector) can collect the dust and shell into its drawer.
Features & Advantages of the Coffee Roaster
1. The internal cylinder is made of thick cast iron, which helps preserve heat, thus the coffee bean won’t be overheated and burned. The cast iron also helps save energy.
2. This electric coffee roasting machine is equipped with a window and a sampler. The roasting degree can be observed at any time.
3. The machine provides accurate temperature sensing, and the temperature is displayed on the screen. The baking temperature is easy to regulate.
4. This coffee roaster is equipped with automatic ignition and flame-out protection devices. The device can not only control gas supply but also alarm automatically when a fire happens.
5. With a draught fan and a big cooler fan, the coffee beans can be cooled in 1 to 3 minutes.
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Whatsapp/Tel/Wechat:+86 15838192276

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