So, the idea of coffee roasting popped in your head and now you are here… Great to have you and welcome aboard. I imagine your journey is starting out much like mine did, looking up roasters and figuring out where to get green coffee beans. You may also immediately want a large beautiful roaster before finding out how much they actually cost… gulp… Let’s start small!

I truly hope this video was able to bring some value to you. It can be very overwhelming in the beginning trying to find a roaster to cut your teeth on and green coffee that is not in 100-pound sacks. The hardest part is literally not knowing where to look or find the info you need.

Below are the resources I discussed in the video. I have consolidated a very basic list but please be aware there are for more coffee roasters, individuals in the industry, and coffee importers than I have listed below. Please use them to your advantage and learn as much as you can. This coffee roasting journey is truly amazing so let’s enjoy it together. I hope to bring some future value in the videos I have planned so please subscribe to stay in the loop!

Scott Rao:
• Blog:
• Instagram:
• Book: The Coffee Roaster’s Companion:

James Hoffmann:
• YouTube:
• Instagram:
• His Company:
• Book:

Chris Baca:
• YouTube:
• Instagram:
• Company:

Buy Green Coffee:
• Sweet Marias:
• Coffee Shrub:
• Café Imports:
• Royal Coffee:
• Genuine Origin:

Direct Trade:
• Legacy Farms Coffee: Ashley Williams
• FaceBook:
• Instagram:

Coffee Roasters:
• Hottop Coffee Roaster:
• Behmor Coffee roaster:
• Kaldi Coffee Roaster:
• Mill City Coffee Roasters:
• Bideli Coffee Roaster:
• Used Equipment USA:
• Used Equipment World:

• Mill City Coffee Roasters:
• SCA: Specialty Coffee Association:
• Coffee Rosters Forum on FaceBook:
• Reddit Group:
• Sweet Maria’s:

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