Fully automatic coffee roasting and how good can it be?-NIR

Infrared Technology and Automation are our two main features
In this video we want to demonstrate what Rubasse coffee roaster can do for you!

First part is create your own roast profile
Second part is use Automatic function to replicate the profile
and at the end of video
we used CM100 to show you the results of two batches!

Intro – 0:00
Setup – 1:24
Auto-charge – 7:20
Discharge、auto-cooling、save profile – 19:40
Call out profile – 22:00
Start automation – 23:00
Auto-charge – 27:05
Auto-discharge、auto-cooling – 39:11
Analysis – 41:35
Result – 47:25

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Contact us – danny.rubasse@gmail.com

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