Espresso Sharekhan Stock Trading App Tutorial 2020

Espresso Sharekhan stock trading app tutorial & review in an easy and simple way with live trading. We are trying to address questions like how to trade, how to buy and sell, how much margin is provided, how much leverage is allowed, how to do intraday trading and how to invest delivery. The video also explains the different types of orders including Cash & Carry (CNC), Margin Intraday Squareoff (MIS) and Margin Intraday Squareoff Plus (MIS+).

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Through this live demo of the espresso sharekhan stock broking app, we are showing the different features of the apps like the homepage tabs, indices, price alert, query resolution, stock page, market depth, watchlist, portfolio, derivatives, futures, options, margins, positions, dashboard, charts, technical analysis. At the end, we are also covering how to add and withdraw money in espresso sharekhan account. We have also explained how to apply for IPO in espresso sharekhan.

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Stock wise leverage / margin:

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The video has following major sections:
– App login
– Home page details
– Market Movers details
– Watchlist Creation
– IPO application
– Stock page explanation
– Price alerts
– Intraday trading
– Delivery trading
– Margin trading
– Leverage trading
– CNC trading
– MIS trading
– MIS+ trading
– Market, Limit, SL-LMT, SL-MKT orders
– Order book details
– Portfolio manager
– Position details
– Modify orders
– Adding of funds money
– Withdrawing money
– F&O trading
– Option chain
– Technical analysis

Espresso offers discount brokerage with no brokerage on loss making trades, thus reducing burden on traders. Currently (till 22nd October 2020), it is running an offer with 3 month brokerage free stock trading investments.

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