Espresso Recipe: How to make consistently better tasting coffee

The fundamentals of using an espresso recipe to dial in your coffee. Including the equipment you need, brew ratios & a step-by-step guide on how to measure espresso coffee.

Measuring coffee can seem overly pedantic. I mean, isn’t taste the most important thing? Of course, that’s what we all want, consistently better tasting espresso coffee. The problem is, coffee is subject to a whole heap of environmental factors that change the balance of flavours from day to day.

That’s why having a benchmark is so important, an objective measure that we can return to when things aren’t tasting right. Unlike volume measures (e.g. “30ml” or “1oz” shot) which vary depending on the volume of crema, weight remains constant regardless of the age of the coffee.

The espresso recipe we use is based on 3 main elements:
1. The amount of ground coffee in the handle – the “IN”
2. The amount of liquid espresso extracted – the “OUT”
3. The time it takes to pour, from when the button is pressed, to when the pump shuts off – “TIME”

The featured coffee in this episode is our Wilde blend, our suggested recipe for this coffee is: 21g in / 36g out / 26 seconds.



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