corretto roasting, Home coffee roasting with the corretto roaster, bread

This is how I do my green coffee bean roasting. Colour of the beans on the video are actually not accurate due to the low res and table lamp I had shining down on it the whole time. I do prefer my roasts just at 2nd crack or for the Americans a full city roast. Again as mentioned in my other video, this method of home roasting is called the “corretto Roaster” using a heat gun and an old breadmaker on dough setting. I have roasted up to 600gms without any issue but I tend to do 300gm roasts just to minimise risk of a bad roast. The whole roast time on this video was approximately just under 18 minutes from start to cooling of the beans. The beans I used was a Vietnamese Arabica which did not roast as evenly as the Central American beans but I find the South East Asian beans, tends to be the most “chocolatey” despite not being the prettiest to roast. I am also using a data logger and temperature probe combination to gauge and plot the roast time and temperature, that is how I know when to adjust the heat gun etc. for that constant/consistent rise in temperature

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