Coffee Roasting

Five things that were on my mind about coffee roasting. So much of what people do with their roaster is kept under wraps, so hopefully this can add to a bit of the conversation. Even though these nuggets are presented in buckets it’s important to remember that nothing operates in a vacuum, and there are always exceptions to the rule. Every coffee is its own unique animal, but these are some solid general principles that work for me. This doesn’t even start to come close to everything that needs to be take into consideration, but these were on the tip of my tongue.

As with anything in the coffee world, expression of your own personal style is important. If everyone’s coffee tasted the same, the world would be a terrible place. As I said, these are some of the things that work for me – if you employ different techniques I’d love to hear about them. Lets talk roasting in a judgment free zone!

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