Coconut Oat Milk Latte Recipe + The Ninja Specialty Coffee

I live for a good cup of coffee! The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker has easily become my favorite little machine in our home.

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker :

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Coconut Oat Milk Latte Recipe:

-I used 2 scoops of coffee for the “Specialty” brew setting. You could use espresso or regular coffee for the base of this drink
-While coffee is brewing, start on your milk
-1/3 cup of oat milk
-1/4 tsp coconut extract
*heat it up
-use a frother for extra extra foam
-once coffee is done brewing, add in sweetener of your choice. I used brown sugar. I love me some sweetness in my coffee!
-pour in the froth
-top it all off with a little bit of cinnamon or brown sugar sprinkled on top

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