Black & Decker Brew N Go Single Cup Coffee Maker

The Black & Decker Brew N Go coffee maker is a great single cup coffee maker. No special “cups” needed. It comes with a wire mesh filter basket so you can make your coffee exactly like you like it!

This single cup coffee maker makes great coffee in just a few minutes! The Brew n Go is also very small, so it doesn’t take up a lot of room on your Kitchen counter. So if you’re looking for single cup coffee maker reviews such as this coffee maker from Black & Decker, give the Brew N Go a shot, I think you’re going to like it. Is it the best single cup coffee maker on the market? You be the judge! For $20, what do you have to lose?

If you just can’t see yourself spending $40, $80 or $100 or more on a single cup coffee maker, then watch this review and see if the Brew N Go is for you.

Check out more reviews of this single cup coffee maker on Amazon. If you end up buying one through this link, I’ll make a few cents to help support this channel and you’ll get an awesome single cup coffee maker!!

UPDATE: It’s now Nov of 2018 and this Black & Decker Brew N Go is still putting out great coffee! To be honest, I really didn’t expect it to last this long, but it has and I’m thrilled!

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