Best Travel French Press Coffee Makers

In this video we unbox, test, and review all the top-selling travel French press coffee makers to find your best choice for great coffee on the go. The portable French press is our favorite travel coffee maker, but we threw in the Aeropress Go to try something new. Read the full write-up here:

Here’s a look at the roundup:

– AmoVee French Press:
– Bodum Travel Press:
– ESPRO P0 Ultralight Double Walled:
– KOHIPRESS The Original Portable:
– PRESSE by Bobble French Coffee Press:
-Stanley Classic Travel Mug:
– AeroPress Go Portable:

Table of Contents:

0:00 – Intro
1:22 – Unboxing
5:25 – Testing: Measurements
5:40 – Testing: AeroPress Go
6:34 – Testing: AmoVee
7:17 – Testing: ESpro
8:04 – Testing Kohipress
9:08 – Testing: Presse by Bobble
10:11 – Testing: Stanley Classic
10:49 – Summery: Testing Recap
15:59 – Summery: Travel Practicability
16:56 – Summery: Coffee Quality
17:35 – Summery: Insulation
18:07 – Summery: Winners/Losers

We’re looking for a French press travel mug that makes a tasty cup of coffee without making a mess. It’s got to make a good travel mug too, so we’re looking for something that keeps the coffee hot and tasty that you can sip without taking your eyes off the road. After a long day of drinking coffee (it’s a hard life, but somebody’s gotta do it), we found some surprising answers. For one, far too many of these presses were really bad for travel – I mean, you had one job… For another, a lot of these exaggerated the amount of coffee they could hold, and offered vague instructions on coffee measurements.

Watch and see which ones you can count on for the office or campground, and which ones fall short.

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