Attributed Coffee Roasted in Small-Town Iowa

Ross Street Roasting Co. still holds the same truths it had in its founding days. High attention to detail, roasting brilliance and coffee that simply tastes amazing. Ross Street Roasting Co. has won multiple awards in the annual ​Golden Bean North America Roasters Competition​.

Brian and his assistant roaster, Jess, have a creative product line that they continue to make only in small quantities and on a roast-to-order basis, making sure that you receive only the freshest coffee possible. This roastery is a hidden gem in the heart of Iowa and they are ready to exclusively provide​ the Lokoly Coffee Club an incredible product offering.

Ross Street is on a mission to “turn coffee drinkers into coffee lovers,” and we are confident that you will love what they have offered.

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Our Vision:

There are thousands of coffee roasters tucked away in local communities across the country and so many incredibly roasted beans that coffee lovers never get to try because unless you visited their community, you would never know about them. We travel across America to find the best roasteries with incredible stories and then we bring them to you.


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