A Coffee Roasting Business, RAVE COFFEE (2016)

Rave Coffee is a small business based in Cirencester, UK lead by Vikki and Rob, with a team of passionate coffee lovers, who produce some of the most delicious coffee beans around. The video explores not only their journey to a stunning little old town in England, but also, why they started and how they produce such awesome flavoured coffee.


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Excerpt: “[VIKKI]: Both myself and Rob, we were in the IT industry. Rob worked for BT, I worked for a company, Quicksilva. We just got to the point where we’d had enough of the corporate side of things. We always had a plan to move to Australia, so we decided literally to just up everything and move to Australia. My sister-in-law said, well why don’t you go into the coffee industry, set-up a mobile coffee van, and that’s what we did so Rob got that interest in coffee, and literally within a month of arriving we managed to get a coffee van, kit it all out and literally created Rave Coffee in Australia. Just as I passed my student course, we were pretty much stuck over there without any visa at all, so what we decided to do was then come back and start Rave over here. But instead of going to the front-end of the cafe side which is hard work, or a mobile coffee van, we decided to take one step further back and do the manufacturing side. It’s quite an engineering or it’s a manufacturing process, Rob’s of that mindset, so to learn about it and actually roast it it’s like engineering. The guys tend to very much talk to the brokers see what flavours are out there, what’s the most popular then we buy the product in based on some cupping tasting that they might do. Then when they’ve looked at the way that it’s been recommended to be roasted, they will do trial roasts on the small batch roaster. Once they’ve got it right on the small batch roaster then they’ll do small roasts on the bigger roastery, so they’ll weigh coffee in. They might roast it light, do a dark roast, just to get the different profiles of flavours. It’s very much if they go light, they’ll do it to first crack. It’s just trial and error to a degree with the roasting side of things, and then once you’ve got that profile, that’s what set into the machine, and then they can run the roaster from there…”


Behind the scenes: https://www.vimeo.com/182382678
Project film page: http://bit.ly/DocRaveCoffee

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