When You Drink Coffee Every Day, This Is What Happens

It’s very important for people to take good care of their bodies when they’re pregnant, and that includes maintaining a healthy diet, according to the Mayo Clinic. Unfortunately for coffee lovers, caffeine might not be the best thing for you when you’re pregnant, as noted by Rob van Dam, an epidemiologist at Harvard University. “We have concerns that high caffeine intake may be detrimental to the fetus,” he confessed in an interview with Today. “Because the fetus can’t metabolize caffeine very well — they don’t have the ability to make it dissolve from the blood stream.” That, in turn, can have a negative impact on the fetus, causing it to take in less nutrition.

To that end, van Dam advises anyone who’s pregnant to be super mindful about caffeine. “So, for women who are pregnant, although the evidence is not conclusive, we do suggest limiting coffee consumption at this stage of life,” he added. It’s probably just for the best if pregnant women decide not to drink coffee every day and avoid a number of other beverages, too.

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