These Are Our Favorite Ways to Make Coffee at Home

1. Arrange a pour over coffee filter in your cone and place the cone over a vessel. This could be your cup or something larger like a carafe, if you’re not going to drink the whole thing.

2. Flush the filter with boiling water, letting it drip out fully, and then discard the collected water in the vessel under the cone. This rinse prevents any papery bits and flavors from ending up in your coffee. We don’t want coffee that tastes like a paper filter. We want coffee that tastes like coffee.

3. Now you add your freshly-ground coffee to the cone and make sure it’s placed over whatever vessel you’re brewing into. Most coffee shops will add 22g of coffee, but if you don’t have a scale, go with 2-3 Tbsp. Give it a shake so the grounds are evenly distributed. You don’t want a mountain on one side and a valley on the other.

4. We want to keep the ratio of 16:1, water to coffee, so we want to have 352g (or about 6 oz.) of boiling water ready. Pour over enough boiling water to saturate the grounds fully, but not so much that there is water pooling on top of them. This is called “blooming” and helps the flavors in the coffee to really shine. Wait 30 seconds. You’ll notice the coffee start to expand (or bloom) as it hydrates.

5. Now we do the real brewing. Continue to add boiling water, pouring in a circular motion, and making sure not to pour it all in at once. You should be stopping and starting, so the cone never fills up totally with water. Repeat this until you reach your target water weight or pour out your measured volume of water. Now, the vessel is full of delicious, freshly-brewed pour over coffee. That wasn’t so hard, was it?

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Like we said earlier, if you want good coffee, you’ve got to start with quality beans:

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