Should I Drink Coffee Everyday?


 There have been many opinions that say that drinking coffee is good for health, with the condition that it is drunk in the right way, different from Italians, they can drink four cups of espresso a day, but for you it is not necessarily suitable.

Beside caffeine.  vitamins and minerals are also contained therein, Like vitamin B5,  vitamin B2, magnesium, manganese and potassium.

Your body can increase metabolism with caffein, also fat burning. Coffee can  increase  your durability, the caffeine contained in it can help separate fat in your  body and make it utilized for vitality energy.

Caffein can likewise lessen the danger of creating diabetes, black coffee, which is said to reduce the risk of developing type 2  of diabetes. with 2 small glasses every day then you will get the benefits.

The following list of the benefits of drinking coffee for the body:

  1. Prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a brain disease that results in decreased memory, thinking and speaking abilities, and gradual changes in behavior.

  1. Prevent Parkinson’s disease

By regularly drinking coffee every day, Parkinson’s disease can be reduced, caffeine is also useful for the body to help people suffering from Parkinson’s in controlling body movements.

  1. Protect the liver

By drinking coffee as much as 4 cups a day can reduce the risk of liver cirrhosis by up to 80%

  1. Drinking coffee can make you happy

Did you know that drinking coffee can reduce depression and prevent people from committing suicide. Even though bitter coffee gives sweet results, right?

  1. Coffee can prevent stroke

It turns out that stroke can be prevented by drinking coffee regularly, as long as you don’t drink excessive coffee because your blood pressure can rise.

  1. Good for your heart

Did you know that drinking coffee every day with a small glass can prevent heart disease.

  1. Coffee can extend your life

By consuming coffee regularly, not too much, coffee can reduce the sudden death risk.

How many glasses is the limit for drinking coffee per day

According to research, drinking 6 cups of coffee a day is not good, because it can cause heart disease.

However, that does not mean we should not drink coffee at all. Drinking enough coffee every day will provide various benefits, such as the explanation above. In fact, people who don’t drink coffee at all or who choose to drink decaffeinated coffee, have a higher history of heart problems, compared to people who regularly drink 1-2 cups of coffee per day.

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