International Coffee Day 2021: Check out this quick recipe to

International Coffee Day is celebrated on October 1 each year. It is observed to draw attention to the plight of coffee farmers and their financial instability. It is also a day that is dedicated to the drink that keeps us all going and makes us feel energetic! The theme for this year is to ‘promote fair trade practices’ in the coffee industry.


Coffee is the go-to drink when one needs to stay up till late, drive off sleep and be their most efficient self. It is the fuel that helps people get through their day! So on this day, have a look at this super simple recipe to make a cup of delicious cappuccino at home in just 4 simple steps.




Step 1


Combine ¼ cup of instant coffee powder, ¼ cup of sugar and 3 tbsp water in a mug. Stir well to dissolve the sugar properly. Whisk this mixture to get a frothy and creamy consistency. 


Step 2


To prepare the cappuccino, simply pour 2 cups of milk into a pan and whisk it to get it to a frothy and thick consistency. 




Step 3


Take a coffee mug and add 1 tbsp of the prepared coffee mixture. To this, add the heated milk and mix well.


Step 4


Finally, add another tablespoon of the coffee mixture and give it a good stir. Serve hot.


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