How to make delicious coffee at home: five tips

Buy a cafetière

David explained: “The cafetière or French Press is the ideal brunch or after dinner companion.

“To create delicious coffee every time, I use a ratio of 1:15 (for every 1 gram of coffee use 15ml of water).

“Start by pre- heating the cafetière with boiling water to keep your freshly brewed coffee warm until it’s ready to be served.

“Once you’ve added hot water to the coffee, leave it for four minutes.

“After four minutes, using a spoon stir to break the ‘crust’ which has formed on the surface of the coffee and then discard the foam for an all-round better tasting cup.

“When selecting coffee for your cafetière you could choose a full-bodied style of coffee such as those which originate from Brazil, El Salvador or Indonesia.

“This is because coffee with these origins typically have a more chocolatey, caramel-ey flavour which lends itself to the full-bodied characteristics of cafetière-style coffee.

“Alternatively, you could also choose a crisp, light, floral style coffee such as a washed coffee from Kenya, Colombia or Ethiopia.

“The cafetière will maximise the body of the coffee and add an extra dimension of flavour.”

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