How to make Arabic Coffee in 8 easy steps

How to make Arabic coffee

The best coffee for making this coffee is Arabic coffee – Bon Meehawaag (coffee with spices).

The coffee can be from Africa or Columbia, the difference is the temperature the coffee is roasted at, usually very lightly so as not to burn the spices the coffee beans are roasted and ground with.
The main spices are cloves, cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg. They can be roasted with just one or all of the spices.

The coffee is ground to a very soft texture that should be too fine for an expresso machine and should be served in small expresso cups or glasses.

You can make three different types of this rich intense coffee:
1. No sugar
2. Medium sweet
3. Rich very sweet.

Here are the 8 steps to make your perfect cup of Arabian coffee:

1. Take your coffee cooking pot – called in Egypt, a Taanaka

Coffee cooking pot

A small coffee cooking pot

2. For medium coffee put 1 full teaspoon and 1 level teaspoon of sugar

3. For strong coffee put 2 full teaspoons of coffee from very well ground coffee and 1 1/2 teaspoon’s of sugar if you want very sweet.

Arabic coffee very finely ground

Very finely ground Arabic coffee

4. Add a 2 teaspoons cold water and stir the mixture very hard with a spoon until very well mixed and the sugar is dissolved. It should be like a very thick dry paste.

Making Arabic coffee with Explore Travel and Cruises

Adding the sugar

5. Then add cold water to the level of the cup you wish to use (if you prefer milk, you can add half water and half milk). There should be a light covering of white foam before you start to heat.

6. Put on a low heat, a gas flame if possible. If using electricity level 3 or 4 at the most.

7. “Watch the pot” carefully and the minute it starts to rise turn off the gas or take immediately off the heat if using electricity and this way it keeps the foam.

Making Arabic coffee

Arabic coffee with perfect foam

 8. Pour carefully into your cup and do not stir as it will destroy the foam. Leave a few seconds to allow the coffee grounds to settle on the bottom of the cup and then enjoy.

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